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The current season continues for AACE Montreal and we had a presentation on January 26th, 2016 titled ‘’a panel discussion on planning and scheduling: an Owner, Consultant and Contractor viewpoint’’. About 60 people gathered for the event and the profits will ensure scholarship for local graduate students for the upcoming year. I served as the facilitator and moderator for the event and the panel consisted of:

- Marc Imbeau, P.E., Project Controls Manager at Hydro-Quebec Equipment,

- Beatrice Nasui, P.E., M.Sc., Lead Scheduler at Hatch, and

- Patrick Habib, P.E., VP and Associate at LCO construction and management consultants.

A technical introduction was shared about scheduling challenges in the world and related available scheduling documents from the AACEi (guides, books, RP’s). The panel then answered numerous scheduling questions on topics such as: scheduling software, scheduling process, scheduling market trends, critical paths, schedules level of details, baselines, schedule updates, schedules integration, schedule flaws, resources allocation, as-built schedules, 4d scheduling and schedule reviews.

Our next local event will be announced in March. There is also the 2016 corporate annual meeting that will be held in Toronto from Sunday June 26th to Wednesday June 29th. The AACE international will be celebrating its 60th year. For the occasion, there will be 200 articles involving over 300 authors; Among those, 7 articles are from authors of the Montreal section. I will be presenting at this annual meeting and hope to meet you in Toronto.

Also, at this time, it’s election season for AACE directors until March 15th. Please remember to vote; you can accomplish your patriotic duty on this page by clicking on the vote button.


Michel Guevremont, P.E., M.Sc., PSP, PMP

Scheduling Advisor at Hydro-Quebec Equipment

AACEI Montreal Section