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Tue May 31 @ 5:45PM - 07:15PM
Quantification of Damages in Construction Projects
Tue May 31 @ 5:45PM - 07:15PM
Quantification des dommages dans le cadre de projets de construction

Montreal  Section History

When  59 Engineers from U.S. and Canada made the trip in June 1956 to attend a meeting in the tiny town of Durham, New Hampshire, a few participants were from Montreal. They were all dedicated to the advancement of Cost Engineering and  consequently founded AACE Inc.

The Association is now known as the Association for Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE International) with a worldwide following and ever expanding membership base.

Montreal was the first Canadian section of aace. The section was formed in June 21, 1961 and received its official charter at the Annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois, on June 26, 1962. Since then, the section Board of Directors has consistently endeavored to enhance the professional development of its members by maintaining high professional standards and providing education opportunities.

The Montreal section has always promoted cost engineering education, encouraged members to write AACE International’s various certification exams and invited other technical societies to participate in seminars and technical meetings.

In 1971, the Montreal section hosted the AACE Annual Meeting and welcomed 520 registrants. In 1984 Montreal again hosted the AACE Annual meeting as well as the 8th International Cost Engineering Council Conference (ICEC) with 763 Registrants.

The  Montreal Section Today

The Montreal Section remains a vibrant and dynamic organization, dedicated to providing education opportunities to its members through technical meetings and seminars and other special events. Technical meetings typically attract 50 to 70 attendees. For many years the Montreal Section has worked closely with the Concordia University Student Section and members of the Board have often been guest lecturers at the University or at other special Industry events. The list of  aace members as well as others who have attended our meetings exceeds 300 in  the Montreal area.
Seminars  with guest speakers are also held annually at the University on a variety of cost engineering topics. Several years ago the Montreal Board developed a two  day seminar entitled “School of Project Controls” with presentations on cost control, planning and scheduling, estimating and contract management. This was given in both English and in French, with the board members giving freely of  their time to develop and translate the presentation materials.
 The Montreal Section sponsors annual local scholarships competitions and has had recipients from Polytechnique (University of Montreal), Concordia University, l’École de technologie supérieure de Montréal (ETS)  and McGill University. In 2013, the Montreal  Section was awarded the Silver achievement Award at the aace annual meeting for  its high level of activity.
 The Board members come from diverse backgrounds and different Owner and Consultant organizations. Many of the companies that have contributed for years to the success of the Montreal Section are represented on the Board of  Directors (BOD). Check out the current BOD and feel free to contact  us for more information.

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