• AACEI Montreal Section

  • AACEI Montreal Section

  • AACEI Montreal Section

  • AACEI Montreal Section

  • AACEI Montreal Section

  • AACEI Montreal Section

  • AACEI Montreal Section

  • AACEI Montreal Section

Upcoming AEECQ Event


The AEECQ is hosting an event on February 4, 2021 titled "L'impact de la pandémie sur les coûts des travaux au Québec" [The Impact of the Pandemic on construction costs in Quebec]. 

For more information or to register, visit AEECQ Event.

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Tue Sep 28 @ 5:30PM - 07:15PM
Highlights: 2021 Virtual AACE Annual Conference & Expo
Tue Sep 28 @ 5:30PM - 07:15PM
Faits saillants de la Conférence-Expo annuelle 2021 de AACE

Captital Cost Estimating: Why we need to get Back to Basics

Doug Leo

Presenter:   Doug Leo CCP,CEP, FRICS, FAACE, Hon. Life |

Douglas W. Leo, is the Director of Estimating  at Value Management Strategies Inc. (VMS). Doug holds a MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology in International Business. He has over 30+ year’s experience with an emphasis in total cost management, project estimating, and project consulting both from the prospective of the owner, engineering, construction industries and public sector. Doug is the current Past President of AACE International.

Since becoming a member of AACE International in 1993, Doug has held elected office at the association level, been active in standing AACE committees, taught AACE sponsored courses, written papers and presented at Annual Meetings, been an active member of AACE taskforces, edited PPGs, contributed to RPs and been highly involved at the section level. He has served as the Chair of the Estimating Committee (2000-2018 and a member of the Certified Estimating Professional Task Force (2006?2008). Doug is a member of the Kansas City Section. 

About the Presentation

Capital cost estimating is one of the prime project front end deliverables used to determine project viability, investigate alternatives and ultimateiy to determine the budget for the approved scope of work to secure funding and project approval. Without estimating, there is no project. Many owners and consultants look to the AACE’s recommended practice on estimate classes as the gold standard.

After many years’ experience preparing, and reviewing capital project estimates both for Owners and Engineering Partners, it has has observed that some of the work seen today in capital cost estimating is less than optimal and that the role of the “estimator” is sometimes under-valued and under-utilized. The presentation will be an interactive audience discussion on best practices for capital cost estimating, examples of deficiencies seen in the process and suggestions on how to improve.


  • Common estimating shortcomings
  • The Role of the Estimator
  • The estimate plan
  • Deliverables checklist
  • Estimate reconciliations
  • Change management
  • Basis of Estimate
  • Performing a peer review
  • Tips for estimating success
  • AACE’s CEP Certification

Click HERE to download a PDF of the invitation.

Registration Link: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/estimation-du-cout-du-capital-pourquoi-doit-on-revenir-a-la-base-tickets-151199560957

AACEI Montreal Section